~15 keynote talks will be presented by invited speakers drawn from leading groups across Europe, US and Asia-Pacific, complemented by presentations from local groups. A poster session will complete the program, while optional lab visits at the adjacent Walter Schottky Institut and Center for Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials (www.wsi.tum.de) will be also organized on October 29.

Invited Speakers

Aaron M. Lindenberg Stanford University, U. S. A.
Alexander L. EfrosNaval Research Laboratory, U. S. A.
Alexander UrbanLudwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany
Christian JirauschekTechnical University of Munich
Ermin MalicChalmers University, Sweden
Felix DeschlerTechnical University of Munich
Gavin J. Conibeer University of New South Wales, Australia
Gregor KoblmüllerTechnical University of Munich, Germany
Heiner LinkeLund University, Sweden
Ian Sellers University of Oklahoma
Jean-Francois Guillemoles CNRS, Palaisau, France
Laura Herz University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Laurens D. A. SiebbelesTU Delft
Leigh SmithUniversity of Cincinnati, U. S. A.
Matthew C. Beard National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), U. S. A.
Ned Ekins-DaukesUniversity of New South Wales, Australia
Ralph ErnstorferFritz Haber Institut Berlin, Germany
Stephen M. GoodnickArizona State University, U. S. A.
Victor I. KlimovLos Alamos National Laboratory, U. S. A.
Yoshihiko KanemitsuKyoto University, Japan

Poster Session

Further information to be found in the abstract booklet upon on-site registration.

Scientific Program

Monday, October 28

8:30Registration (free, on-site at TUM-IAS)
9:00Opening Address
Ernst Rank, Director of TUM-IAS

Session I – Advanced Solar Energy Conversion by Multi Exciton Generation

9:15Novel Approaches to Photoconversion with Engineered Quantum Dots
Victor I. Klimov, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
9:45Using Colloidal Quantum Dots to Overcome Hot-Carrier Relaxation Losses in Advanced Solar Energy Conversion Strategies
Matthew C. Beard, Natioal Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

10:15Coffee break

Session II – Hot Carrier Solar Cells – Fundamentals and Device Aspects

10:45Hot Carrier Photovoltaic Devices
Ned Ekins-Daukes, University of New South Wales (UNSW)
11:15Hot Carriers – Dissipation and Work
Jean-Francois Guillemoles, CNRS & The University of Tokyo
11:45Valley Photovoltaics: Towards the Realization of the Hot Carrier Solar Cells
Ian Sellers, University of Oklahoma

12:30Lunch (TUM-IAS Faculty Club) / Group Photo (before lunch)

13:30Poster Session and Coffee (TUM-IAS Faculty Club)

Session III – Hot Carrier Scattering Dynamics I – Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy

14:30Electron-Phonon Coupling and Charge-Carrier Cooling in Metal Halide
Perovskites for Photovoltaic Applications
Laura Herz, University of Oxford
15:00Dynamics of Photocarriers and Excitons in Lead Halide Perovskites
Yoshihiko Kanemitsu, Kyoto University
15:30Hot Carrier Scattering and Momentum Polarization in Hybrid Perovskites
Felix Deschler, Technical University of Munich (TUM)

16:00Coffee break

Session IV – Hot Carrier Scattering Dynamics II – Ultrafast Electron & X-ray Spectroscopy

16:15Hot Carrier-Lattice Coupling in Nanostructures probed by Femtosecond X-ray and Electron Scattering Techniques
Aaron M. Lindenberg, Stanford University
16:45Hot Carrier and Phonon Dynamics in Semiconductors Investigated with trARPES and Femtosecond Electron Diffraction
Ralph Ernstorfer, Fritz-Haber Institut (FHI) Berlin

17:15End of Session

18:30Conference Dinner (Downtown Munich)

Tuesday, October 29

8:30Registration (free, on-site at TUM-IAS)

Session V – Dynamics of Bright Exciton States

9:00Bright Triplet Excitons in Cesium Halide Perovskites
Alexander Efros, Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)
9:30Carrier Dynamics in Size-Controlled Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals
Alexander Urban, Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich
10:00Spatiotemporal Exciton Dynamics in Atomically Thin Materials
Ermin Malic, Chalmers University

10:30Coffee break

Session VI – Carrier Multiplication in Diverse Materials / Experiment & Theory

11:00Investigation of Materials for Hot Carrier Solar Cell Absorbers
Gavin Conibeer, University of New South Wales (UNSW)
11:30A Decade of Carrier Multiplication in Delft
Laurens Siebbeles, Delft University of Technology
12:00Simulation of Nonequilibrium Electron and Phonon Dynamics in Advanced Photovoltaic Devices
Stephen M. Goodnick, Arizona State University (ASU)

12:30Lunch (TUM-IAS)

Session VII – Non-Equilibrium Carrier Effects in Nanowire and Photonic Systems

13:30Nonequilibrium Electron and Phonon Effects in Quantum Cascade Devices
Christian Jirauschek, Technical University of Munich (TUM)
14:00Harvesting heat from electrons in nanowires
Heiner Linke, Lund University
14:30Strong Hot Carrier Effects in a GaAsSb/InP Nanowire Heterostructure
Leigh M. Smith, University of Cincinnati
15:00From Bulk-like to 1D-Quantum Confined InGaAs-based Nanowire Solar Cells
Gregor Koblmüller, Technical University of Munich (TUM)

15:30End of Workshop / Coffee Break

15:45Optional Lab Tour through WSI / ZNN

ca. 17:00End of Lab Tour

A pdf-version of the scientific program can be downloaded here